If you wanted to discontinue your membership and our service you can press "my profile" on the menu, and then press "cancel membership". Cancelation is free of charge. But if you are just planning just to take short break break we recommend you just to "hold membership". There will be a monthly admin fee of Rp. 200.000,- for holding a membership, however this is better than cancelling your membership and the re-activating it again (Re-activation fee is Rp. 500.000,-).

No. Your membership is valid only for 1 person. When you book and attend a class, the receptionist will cross-check your booking with your photo ID you provided when registered. When they dont match, receptionist have the right to refuse your admission.

When available, price promotion can only be enjoyed 1 time by a member at the beginning of the subscription. The duration of the promotion depends on each case. When promotion ended, monthly membership price will go back to the regular membership price.

A person can only book 4 classes/session at any given time. In order to book another class, you have to cancel or complete one of the current class bookings first. The booking and cancellation of class is determined by each facilities. It is important to cancel your booking if you are not going to attend the class. Booking a space while not showing up is the worse. There will be a penalty of Rp. 100.000,- as this will trouble the club.

As often as possible. However you can only visit 3 times per club in a month. But there is no limitation on how many class from different clubs you can attend.

After you arrive at the club facility, please mention that you are from FitAccess. Furthermore inform the receptionist your name and you class bookings (can be seen in "My Bookings" on the menu). The receptionist will cross-check you photo ID and your booking. If valid the receptionist will lets you in. It is important to check in because if you don't let your attendance be known, you will be marked absent and there will be a penalty of Rp. 100.000,-

"Today's Exercise" on the left tab above will show you class listings from today.

"Plan Exercise" is designed to book a class tomorrow of in the future. You can input you preference of locations, exercise category, or date (all is optional).

When a class title consist "Walk In", it means that the format of the class is like an open class or open session. You can come at anytime between the time range it provided in the listings. However we recommend that you come the latest 1 hours before the time ends.. This happens a lot in Muaythai camp and fitness center.